About us


HProfits is a team of experts in the marketing industry. We have been collecting important information about traffic and trading tools over the last decade as we had started our marketing career. Finally, we have decided to build our own cutting-edge advertising network that is completely transparent, flexible and opens access to high-quality traffic. Here we go!


HProfits intends to become top-efficient leader among other online marketing platforms. Therefore, we set a wide range of publishing and advertising opportunities to produce programmatic and content solutions for our clients. We want our partners to get millions of daily impressions that will lead them to great benefits and profits.


We have adopted only reliable and proven practices of marketing strategies and mixed them with new technologies. We are confident that this path will lead us and our customers to unquestionable success. Our team of experienced managers uses special tactics to implement all the objectives of advertisers and publishers working with us. The Ad network offers only high-end trading tools such as real-time bidding technology and social influence from different sides. We can provide both DSPs and SSPs with the best marketing solutions. Moreover, we have tools to verify traffic to get rid of harmful viruses, malware and bots.

Business partners and qualified marketers, who are ready to grow with us, are wanted! Join our professional team to learn the way to success!

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